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GATS System Trainers

GATS system trainers run the gammot of high-end training resources. You will quickly see that these are user friendly quality products. Check out the specialized selection of these professional cabinet designs.

System Trainers Product Line

AutoPilot | APT-S50 The APT-S50 is an S-Tech, S-50 autopilot which is 2 axis with altitude hold. The trainer has instructor faults built into the system. The instruments are mounted on a fully articulating model aircraft that can be moved about the compass, placed nose down or up, and banked either right or left. This allows the autopilot to sense changes in the aircrafts attitude and respond accordingly. The gyro instruments are powered by a vacuum pump that also supplies static air to the static system. The static system can be controlled to produce changes in altitude. The turn and bank indicator can be rotated about its axis by the student to simulate turn rates. The autopilot is connected to the servos via control cables.
Download Sample APT Operations Manual

Fire Detection | FDT-CAB The FDT-CAB simulator is a fully functional fire detection and extinguishing system incorporating new Walter Kidde components with a modified bottle and valve. It incorporates the loop and spot fire detectors. The FDT discharges shop air upon activation and no recharge is required. The FDT automatically resets.
Also available mounted on an upright stand as the FDT-SND.
Download Sample FDT Operations Manual

Fuel Injection | FST-COO This Continental engine fuel injection system is a simple, low-pressure system for injecting fuel into the intake valve port in the cylinder head. It is a multi-nozzle, continuous flow type system that controls fuel flow to match engine airflow. Any change in throttle position, engine speed, or combination of both, causes changes in fuel flow in the correct relation to engine airflow. A manual mixture control and a fuel flow gauge that uses fuel pressure, provides for precise leaning at any combination of altitude and power setting.
Optional fuel header tank upgrade available as the FST-CFO.
Download Sample FST Operations Manual

Ice and Rain | IRT-BCO The IRT-BCO simulator is a fully functional Ice and Rain Protection system. The hot window on the IRT-BCO has a functional sensor embedded in the windshield. Application of heat by the student with a heatgun will cause the windshield controller to cycle. It incorporates a propeller anti-ice, heated pitot static, anti-ice windshield, pneumatic boot system and electric windshield wiper. All the necessary components and controls provide an excellent trainer. 120 volt AC power unit provides the 24 volts DC required for operation.
Download Sample IRT Operations Manual

Pitot Static | PTS-OOO Functional aircraft instrument trainer including the basic instrumentation required for VFR aircraft as per FAR Part 91. It includes flight and engine instruments as well as an operational pitot static system to simulate an operational aircraft system. In addition to exposing the student to a basic instrument configuration, the trainer is designed to satisfy instructional requirements of instrumentation removal and replacement as well as the pitot static system check. Various faults integrated with instrumentation.
Download Sample PTS Operations Manual

Turbine Fuel | TFT-AOO The TFT-AOO fuel system trainer is specially designed to allow trainees to understand the fundamentals of typical turbine fuel system components and how they interact with each other. TFT-AOO is based on the Allison 250 series turbine engine. The system includes a rolling table with a backboard. The TFT includes all components Turbine fuel system including electric fuel boost pump, engine driven fuel pump (either constant or variable displacement), screen type fuel filter with pressure bypass, fuel control unit, duplex turbine fuel nozzle inside a clear enclosed container, with drain valve.
Optional TFT-AFO with capacitance fuel system including multiple probes, fuel tank pivots to demonstrate non-linear fuel quantity indications. Includes all plumbing, fuel quantity, fuel transfer selector valve, and electric fuel pump.
Download Sample TFT Operations Manual

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