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GATS Hydraulic Trainers

Our hydraulic line of trainers demonstrates actuator sequencing with a gear up lock hook and sequenced actuator. Hydraulic sequencing with the up lock hook and actuator is in clear view of the students . With gear doors its difficult to see the gear system in motion especially when the gear doors start closing. Considering the potential for students to become entangled in the gear doors we discontinued them. In addition we dropped the wing surrounding the gear assembly and went with a 360 degree open view for better student comprehension.
As an alternative, the bench-top design has become very popular cabinet style trainer for in the classroom.

Hydraulic Trainers Product Line

Standard Landing Gear | HYD-OOO All the components on our simulator are separate allowing the student to see and analyze each component and its respective job in the hydraulic system. We include a hydraulically sequenced uplock hook, throttle with warning system, emergency hand pump, reservoir, squat switch, panic shut off valve and much more. Safe low pressure system runs at 450 PSI. Includes a 24 volt DC electrical system with power supply.
Download Sample HYD-OOO Operations Manual

Landing Gear with Brake | HYD-OOB The HYD-OOB is our basic landing gear trainer HYD-OOO upgraded with a complete wheel and brake assembly. A wheel, tires, brake caliper, disc. reservoir style master cylinder, and rudder brake pedal mounted to the base of the trainer so students can step on the rudder pedal with ease.
Download Sample HYD-OOB Operations Manual

Landing Gear with Power Pack | HYD-OPO The HYD-OPO is our basic landing gear trainer HYD-OOO upgraded with our on board power supply. Just think no more messy batteries that need charging or having to dedicate expensive auxiliary power units. Our "P" option trainer requiring only 110 volts AC power (wall outlet 15 amp) and Mil 5606 hydraulic fluid.
Download Sample HYD-OPO Operations Manual

Bench Top Trainer | HBT-OOO The HBT-OOO low-pressure hydraulic trainer is the companion for our HYD gear trainer series. Using the same components as our popular landing gear trainer but in a bench top design. Specially designed to allow trainees to remove, repair, reseal, reinstall and test the actuators will provide you real hands-on level 3 training! The system includes a rolling table with a backboard. Requires only 110 volts AC and Mil 5606 fluid.
Download Sample HBT-OOO Operations Manual

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